Dreams of distant friends

Last weekend I dreamt about a woman who I have strong feelings for. I’ve never met her face to face, but we used to correspond regularly online. At one time we had plans to meet in person, but the plans never materialized and after that our communications became less frequent. I’ll refer to her here as L.

I’ve seen photos of L, she is around my age and has red hair and intelligent green eyes. I can’t remember much about the dream other than that she appeared in it briefly, and I’ve never dreamt about her before. She is seriously ill right now, and so the dream made me wonder how she is. I sent her an email recently and received no reply.

I doubt you will see this post, but in the event that you do, L, please email me and let me know how you are.

This morning I dreamt about another distant friend, a Vodou practitioner who lives in New Orleans. I’ve never met “B” in person either, but occasionally correspond with him online. He gave me some much-needed advice and answered some questions I had when I first started down this path of Vodou.

In the dream, B and I were supposed to be going to a wedding. We were hanging out in an old brick building that housed a second-hand store that benefited the homeless, and in the dream B had formerly worked there as a custodian. The wedding was four blocks away, and as we were about to leave the shop, I realized that I had two mismatched gloves.

(Side note: We are having a cold spell in Seattle, and I’ve been appreciating the knit gray gloves I bought recently. Also, in real life, B does a lot of charity work.)

In the dream, my gloves are sky blue and the mismatched glove is a rusty brown-red, the color of rust or dried blood. The rest of the dream is spent searching for the missing blue glove and rummaging through various piles of old clothing.

I’m not sure what the glove dream means, but generally whenever I see that sky blue color in a dream or vision, it refers to La Sirene. It occurs to me that the blue glove may represent her and/or Agwe and the red-brown glove Ogoun (references to blood and rust/metal). Ever since moving, I have been neglecting my lwa a bit, other than Legba, so perhaps this is a reminder that I need to be more “hands-on” again?

I am also wondering about the meaning of the wedding (I rarely dream about those) and the number 4, which some sources associate with Ogoun.


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