Honoring the lwa at services

In my post about my second Fet Gede, I mentioned that some attendees would touch their hand to their hearts and then touch the ground when certain lwa were mentioned. Recently I asked Mambo C about this.

Mambo C said that, during the fet, she touches her heart and then touches the ground three times for the lwa that she is close to. She will kneel down and kiss the ground for her met tet. She does this out of love and respect.

She told me that this has nothing to do with kanzo (initiation). Anyone can honor the lwa in this way. She did say that sometimes people who are kanzo will also kiss the ground for Loko and Ayizan, and sometimes Legba and the Marassa as well.

Just thought this was worth sharing, as details of Vodou practice can be hard to come by.


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