One week, post fet

So, during the seven days since the fet I’ve been noticing more physical after effects. Mainly it’s my arms, although the pain is not as intense as last year, nor is it  localized in my forearms. It’s more like an overall mild ache, as if I’d done heavy lifting last weekend. I also have mild shortness of breath, which I am monitoring in case it turns out to be something non-energy related.

I also keep thinking about Puck, and missing him. Part of the reason for this is the time of the year, when the spirit world is so close to ours. The other reason is that a friend of mine recently lost her long-time canine companion, and her longing for him reminds me of how I feel about Puck.

Mambo C really exerted herself at the fet. The multiple possessions possibly exhausted her to the point that she picked up a nasty flu and was sick for the three days after.

One might wonder, with the possible unpleasant after-effects, why someone would pursue Vodou (or other practices involving large amounts of spiritual energy). The old cliché “no pain, no gain” applies here. Most worthwhile endeavors involve risk and sacrifice, whether that means risk of physical injury, risk of failure, sacrifice of time, etc. In many ways, this is a good thing. If something is too easy to attain, it often deteriorates into something shallow and meaningless.


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