Energy and mischievous spirits

It’s been a while since I last  posted–I’ve been busy with home projects and a couple of art commissions.

When I posted the photos of my shrine, I forgot to mention that there is a really sweet spot about three feet in front of the cabinet where the energy is quite nice. I sit there sometimes to meditate, when Luna the cat will let me. She likes that spot too.

A while back I mentioned that my copy of “Mama Lola” had vanished from a box of books and then reappeared in exactly the same place. This was in my old apartment. A couple of days ago here in our condo, one of my favorite sculpture tools went missing. I could not find it in any of the usual places–it was not on the pizza tray I use for larger sculptures (handy for turning them around to work on the back) or anywhere else on my work table, nor was it in the bathroom where I might have left it after cleaning it. Besides doing a visual check, I also felt along the pizza tray and table with my fingers; sometimes items can camouflage into the background. Nothing. I thought perhaps it had fallen to the floor and rolled under something.

Well, a day and a half later it was back in the pizza tray. While I kind of wish these things wouldn’t happen when I’m dealing with deadlines, I was nevertheless amused.


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