Like attracts like

We have a very cool handyman who was referred to us by our energy working real estate agent. Paul (not his real name) is very skilled at repairing all sorts of things, and has a great sense of humor to boot. Both Anne and I liked him immediately and have had him to our condo three or four times to repair and install things. We enjoy talking to him because he appreciates art.

Today, during a break in repairs, the conversation somehow turned to hauntings and ghosts, and it turns out Paul has quite a few experiences with them. He once witnessed an entity materialize in front of his apartment as a dark cloud of smoke that slowly coalesced into a figure that floated away. As a child, he watched a set of encyclopedias fall to the floor, one by one, by themselves. He’s had many other such experiences, so much so that I wonder if he has latent medium abilities.

I was surprised and pleased to discover this other side to Paul. Also, he is a cat person, as are most of my friends. (I have a few dog people as well, a number of general animal lovers, and maybe one or two who are non-animal people–meaning they don’t desire to live with animals, but don’t dislike them either). Eventually I will probably discuss Vodou with him, as I think he would be open-minded about it.

He’s expressed an interest in checking out the local ghost-hunting group, and I may end up doing that with him. If I do, I will write about it here.


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