Interesting new neighborhood

My girlfriend Anne and I recently moved from Beacon Hill to White Center. It’s an interesting neighborhood.

The area is populated with the types of people who inspire Anne’s sculptures, people who look as though they’ve experienced life’s seamier side. One afternoon, on the way to a store that sells vacuum cleaners, we walked behind a young woman in a short dress and high, high heels. She had to be a hooker.

This area is also quite diverse, with a sizable Latino population. Both the nearby market and the larger retailers like Bartell Drugs and Walgreens carry generous supplies of seven-day candles, complete with images of the various saints that are syncretized with the lwa. Bartells even had one candle decorated with images of the seven African powers, which was very cool.

This makes me think that somewhere around here there has to be someone who practices Santeria or another Vodou-related religion.


One Response to “Interesting new neighborhood”

  1. sounds like a great neighbourhood for you.

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