Met tet mystery solved

I mentioned in an earlier post that I planned to get a met tet reading from Mambo Racine. I received the results a few days before the fet.

First of all, I would like to say that you will see various things posted about Mambo Racine online, not all of them favorable. But the web is the web, and the smart person forms their own opinion, not on the basis of a handful of negative people, but on the basis of an individual’s own work and, when possible, your interaction with them. *See footnote at end of this post*

I am a member of and occasionally participate in Mambo Racine’s group on Yahoo. I also spent some time reading her Vodou pages, particularly when I first began this journey, and I found them very helpful. (I’ve added a link to her site.) They appear to be quite accurate too. I am not a Vodou expert, but I have by this time read a number of books on the subject. Of course there is some variation in the information (particularly in the spelling of some of the terminology), but there has not been anything in her material that seems out of place. I have the distinct impression that the lady knows her stuff. She likely knows more than some of the authors I’ve read, having spent more time actually living in Haiti than said authors.

All that being said, I like Mambo Racine. She sometimes has strong opinions, but most people who are passionate about something do. And she isn’t afraid to be direct about her opinions, which I think is a good thing (plus I have a weakness for strong women). She has been very gracious and helpful to me. So, while I welcome comments on this blog, I will not allow comments that amount to bashing of anyone. Comments debating ideas, however, are welcome.

I will also note that I’ve read on at least one site that a person’s met tet cannot be determined by a card reading; that it must be done in person and through certain ceremonies. I am not particularly knowledgeable about those ceremonies, and I will say that perhaps those ceremonies are the only way to ascertain one’s met tet for certain. On the other hand, I know from experience that some energy-sensitive people are able to pick up on such things, and Mambo Racine seems to be one of them. When I received the results of the reading she did for me, I believed them–not because they were sent to me by an established Mambo, but because they felt right on an intuitive/instinctive level, and correlated well with the reading Mambo C gave me, input I received from my medium and energy-working friends, and my own experiences with the lwa.

Mambo Racine uses a tarot deck for her readings, and in my reading the suite of Cups dominated (5 out of 10 cards). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a water sign and my mother was descended from an ice and water culture (Inuit), so this seemed a natural occurence.  Met Agwe (King of Cups) showed up in position 8–also not a big surprise as he turns up frequently in the readings I do for myself and was suggested in the reading Mambo C did for me. He may be the spirit who has appeared to me twice (once in a vision and once in a dream), and was also a contender for met tet in my mind so, although he is not the master of my head, I am glad he walks with me, and I suspect he will for some time.

The card in position 7, the card representing my house, was the Fool, representing Papa Legba. Mambo Racine believes him to be my met tet, and when I heard that I felt that I had my answer. And I had to laugh, because I was pretty sure Legba himself was chuckling. Sometimes I confuse myself even though the answers could be quite clear if I would stop second-guessing everything. It was, after all, Legba who first appeared to me and he even had his cane and one of his dogs with him. He even stated his purpose (“I open the door.”). Mambo Racine also explained that when Legba is one’s met tet, it doesn’t always show up easily in readings because it is the nature of Legba to manifest other lwa. So people keep seeing other lwa and not Legba.  I thought back to Mambo C’s reading, and how my met tet was unclear in the cards. Again, this now made sense.

I feel a sense of relief to have that cleared up and I now can focus on serving Legba better. Which is great. I have always been fond of Legba and enjoy serving him. The fact that he loves dogs (and I suspect other animals as well, as Puck likes him a lot) endears him to me even more.

The reading also indicated that I have some magical ability, specifically Makaya magic, so that is an area that I plan to research more thoroughly.

My journey in Vodou may be a twisty one, but I am fortunate to have assistance from the lwa and Mambo Racine. I highly recommend getting a reading if you are having questions about your met tet.

* As of this date (3/30/11) I can no longer, in good conscience, recommend Mambo Racine, having witnessed some very poor behavior on her part elsewhere. I do concede that she is a gifted reader, though.


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