Random events or pointed messages?

For the most part I’ve been having a good week. Our condo closed on Thursday, and both Anne and I are so looking forward to getting out of our dungeon hole basement apartment and into the new place, which is full of windows and light. I have had two minor incidents two days in a row that, while not unusual in and of themselves, were unusual for me.

On Sunday I grabbed a Pop Tart out of the toaster and burned my fingers bad enough that my right index finger blistered. I had the toaster set for longer than needed. I rarely burn myself, and have a fair tolerance for handling hot objects, so this surprised me.

Yesterday I had dinner with a friend at the Teapot restaurant in Capitol Hill. As we sat down at our table, we noticed a wasp crawling sluggishly along the surface. I attempted to shoo it away unsuccessfully, then my friend brushed it off the edge where it landed on the floor by the window. We forgot about it until maybe five minutes later, when I felt a sharp pain in the ring finger of my left hand. I looked down and there was our friendly wasp with its stinger under my skin!

I roughly brushed the wasp away, then pulled the stinger out. It was more painful than I expected, and the finger and part of my hand swelled and would continue to swell the rest of the evening.

In all my 40 plus years I had never been stung by a bee or wasp before–a combination of caution and luck, I’m guessing. So I found it ironic that I got stung indoors and on a cloudy day to boot.

The pain was a hot pain, like the burn from the Pop Tart.

I am not usually one to read esoteric meaning into random events all the time, but since I began practicing Vodou I’ve been more aware of symbols and synchronicity in my life. Based on some books I’ve read, it would appear that Haitians pay attention to such things, and they would be the experts here, not me.

So, here is one possible interpretation of all this.

As I mentioned previously, I keep flip-flopping between Agwe and Ogoun as far as who I think is more likely to be my met tet. Since my session with Tracy Ann, I’ve been thinking a lot about Met Agwe and leaning more in that direction. And so this nice comfortable train of thought is interrupted, twice, by fire–the burn and the wasp sting. I wonder if Ogoun is trying to tell me something.

Or not.

I will say that sometimes it feels like the two are struggling for dominance but, as far as  I know, you are born with your met tet so it’s not like another lwa can take over, although they can walk with you and be a strong influence in your life.

I am going to see what my budget is like after I get paid tomorrow. I am serious about getting that met tet reading.


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