And now…a missing watch

A trickster at work, or just my usual absent-mindedness? You be the judge.

I wear my watch every day, and I remember having it on when I came home from work on Thursday. However, Friday morning when I was getting ready for work, I could not find it anywhere.

It wasn’t on the bathroom shelves. Or the dining room table. Or near the kitchen sink where I might have placed it when doing dishes. I thought perhaps I had worn it to bed and it had come off there. But it was not to be found.

I feel weird without my watch, being the time-challenged person that I am. When I went shopping after work on Friday, I seriously considered buying one when I was at the drug store. Last night I decided that I would go back to the drug store and buy the one I was looking at, even though it was not my preferred analog design (it was a combination of analog and digital). The watch was obviously on my mind, because in my dreams I found watches in two separate vignettes, both of them broken.

So this morning I am sitting at my computer, checking email before preparing to go to the drug store. I look down at the half open drawer of the nightstand next to the computer desk where I’ve left my digital camera and measuring tape lying on top. On a whim, I move them and poke around and, lo and behold, my watch!

What an odd place for it to be. I usually don’t take my watch off while sitting here, but it’s possible I did and don’t remember. The band is intact, so it didn’t break and fall off.

When my Mama Lola book vanished, it was in a box on top of this same nightstand. So now I wonder if there is an evil energy sucking vortex there (joking, people).

Seriously, the problem with being absent-minded at times (which I am) means that I don’t know if this is a trick or just me losing stuff, which I am  prone to do. But I am also generally good at finding stuff that I lose, usually in places where they would logically be found.

It is also possible that the trickster is Luna, my younger cat. She likes to steal small items. although has never shown an interest in my watch before.


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