More spider dreams

I used to have a severe phobia of spiders. However, after living in two basement apartments (including my present one) and encountering spiders on a daily basis at times, this phobia has waned considerably out of necessity.

But I do occasionally still have unpleasant spider dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was setting up the bedroom at our new place. There were several spiders in the room, including one that was in a nasty web with two egg sacs (we did see an egg sac yesterday when we visited our future home, so no wonder). On another wall, there were two large black spiders. One was chasing another until they clashed and one fell to the floor.

I left the room to get a vacuum cleaner. When I came back I started cleaning, counting as I went. One, spider near the bookcase. Two, spider near the ceiling, Three, nasty egg sac web. Then I came to my desk, which was next to the wall where the spider battle took place. For some reason I got distracted, and sat down at the desk to work on the computer. Then I felt something on my leg.

Swearing, I brushed at my leg but didn’t really see anything. Although not happy about that, I didn’t feel panicky or wake up. In the past, spiders would always make a beeline for me in dreams until I panicked and woke up. So I guess this is progress of a sort.

I am not sure what the dream means, but my immediate suspicion is that the spider infestation represents my tendency toward perfectionism. Sometimes I won’t even start a task unless I believe I can complete it in one sitting and “do it properly” with all the right tools or supplies at hand. So the dream may be telling me to focus on individual tasks, and take care of larger problems as they arise.


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