Signs of Marie

As my regular readers already know, Marie was someone I cared about who died from leukemia in February. More specifically, she was the partner of my girlfriend’s mother. So she was a stepmother to Anne and a mother-in-law to me.

Anne’s mother has been having a rough time since her passing, and is in the process of selling the house that they remodeled and moving into a smaller house that Marie had kept as a rental. As a result, Marie has been on our minds lately. In spite of this, I can be woefully oblivious to some obvious signs when I’m distracted (Anne and I are in the process of buying a condo). So what follows is a list of three seemingly unrelated events.

Every weekday morning I walk by a park on my way to catch the bus to work. Across from the park are houses, townhouses and apartments. For over a year now, I’ve listened to a rooster crowing as I walk beside the park in the mornings. I’ve never seen this rooster until last week. And I saw him about four times in the space of maybe ten days. Two of those times he was standing right in my path.

This week Anne brought home some boxes of photos from her mother’s house that no one wanted. As she sorted through them, she found a very nice framed photograph of Marie, taken at a professional studio. I’d been wanting a good photo of her to add to an ancestor shrine that I plan to set up at the new place.

Today our realtor Lara drove us out to the condo to see if some repairs had been  made. As we walked across the parking lot, Anne spotted a hummingbird flitting around one of the doorways.

So how is all this connected to Marie?

Marie’s Chinese zodiac sign is the rooster. So is Anne’s. It was a connection between them. Marie collected rooster imagery. Years ago, Anne did a colorful expressionistic painting of a rooster. Marie liked it so much that she bought it, and kept it displayed in her house for years.

Marie also collected hummingbird imagery. I am not sure what the reason for this was, but one of the reasons might be because the tiny creatures resembled her so much. Marie was unusually petite. She was also full of energy and always on the move, getting up at the crack of dawn to go running or engage in another of her many activities before flitting off to work. Several gifts I gave her over the years were hummingbird-related, including a handmade nightlight from a studio in Oregon.

I mentioned all this to Anne tonight, and she thought that maybe Marie was approving our new place. I think that’s possible, but feel there may be more to it than that. I am hoping to schedule a session with my animal communicator friend soon. I will not be at all surprised if Marie shows up.


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