Art, househunting and the lwa

One of the pieces that sold at my art reception.

In my previous post I talked about my disappearing copy of Mama Lola. My medium friend Angel suggested that perhaps the lwa were reminding me that they exist outside of my books.  Although I am aware of that, the analytical side of my nature is fairly strong and does tend to rationalize everything. So I do sometimes need reminding.

I had another unusually successful art show. Last Wednesday, prior to setting up my show at Gargoyles Statuary, I again respectfully asked my lwa for their assistance.

When I went there on Friday, the night of the opening, I learned that one of my sculptures had presold the day before. The evening started out kind of slow, with small groups of people drifting in and out of the store.  During the first half hour (5-5:30), a previous buyer stopped by and fell in love with one of my more expensive pieces, a portrait of a friend in Gothic Lolita garb. She bought it on the spot, and at that point I felt satisfied that, if all else failed, I had already sold two pieces. Around 6:00, activity hit a lull, and it was so dead that Gayle (the owner of the store) and I were getting a little worried.

Around 6:45 or 7:00, however, it picked up again with fervor. Several people whom I did not think would come by did, including Mambo C. She commented that my work did not look like it does online (meaning it looks much better in person).

Throughout the rest of the evening, two of my artist friends purchased pieces, and someone else bought both a sculpture and a relief, bringing the total number of sales up to six. That is a record for me.

While preparing for this show, my girlfriend Anne and I were also looking to buy a house or a condo. I first met our realtor, an amazing woman who I’ll call Lara, at East West Bookshop. I was looking through some items on a table while holding a book on holistic cat care in my hand. She struck up a conversation, during which she asked if I lived nearby and I mentioned our plans to buy property. That’s when I found out she was a realtor. Lara radiates good energy, and later that evening I had a slight ache in one of my arms that was similar (although much milder) to the pain I had after the Fet Ghede. As I mentioned before, I suspect the pain may be one way my body reacts to strong energy.

We went to look at houses for the first time with Lara on Saturday, April 10th. The first three places we looked at were all wrong for us–weird floor plans, tiny bathrooms, and one place where all the doors had holes in them and most of the kitchen cabinet doors were detached. (Why? Who knows!) The properties all sounded good online and looked nice in photos, but there’s no telling what they are really like until you get there. At the fourth place, a condominium complex near Burien, the lock on the front door was problematic. While Lara went back to her car to call the seller’s agent about the lock, Anne tried the key. After a minute or so, the door opened.

A feeling of calmness and peace washed over us as we entered. Even though this place did not have a fenced yard like we wanted (Anne wants to get a dog), Anne did not complain. We wandered through the living room and up the stairs to look at the three bedrooms. This was a lot of space for the money and was in very good condition.

Afterwards, while Lara met with another client, Anne and I talked about what we wanted to do. I expected her to be indecisive and want to wait a while before making an offer, but within an hour she was seriously wanting to buy the place. When Lara’s meeting with her client was over, we headed back to her office to fill out the paperwork. When asked how much we wanted to offer, the number “167” kept popping into my mind. However, the property was listed just under $150,000, so we settled on $152,000 as our initial figure.

After making the offer on Monday, we found out that there were two other parties interested in the condo as well. We had to make a second offer, and I thought again about “167.” After discussing with Lara, Anne and Anne’s mother (who is an experienced home buyer), we decided to offer $166,000.

Then we waited. Tuesday passed, and no word. Then Wednesday. I asked Papa Legba, if it was for the best, would he please remove the obstacles preventing us from buying this house. Thursday passed. I was slightly concerned, but my usual obsessing anxiety was pleasantly absent.

On Friday, as I was preparing to go to my art reception, Lara called. We got the place!

I was happy and grateful, but not completely surprised. The address of the place has the number 303 in it. In 2003, I lived in an apartment near downtown Seattle that I liked a lot. The unit number was 303. Three is also Papa Legba’s number. I also thought about the relative ease with which Anne had gotten the condo door open.

Looks like I will be shopping again for some really nice offerings for the lwa.

I am not the only one whom they are smiling upon either.

My friend Slinky has been enjoying growing success with her part-time business as well. If you remember, Slinky went with me to the Rada fet in March. During the fet, she was immediately drawn to one of the lwa who possessed a woman there. Although Slinky did not know it at the time, the lwa was Ayizan who is, among other things, the lwa of the marketplace.


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  1. well, seeing the piece up there, i totally understand that you get sales 🙂

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    Thanks 🙂

  3. I think you are good writer, keep us posting

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