Disappearing book

I recently finished reading Mama Lola (excellent book, by the way). I then placed it in upright in an open box near my computer (the box is sitting sideways so I can read the spines of the books inside). I copied some quotes from this book in a recent blog post. And then the book vanished.

I checked and rechecked the box. I looked around the computer desk, thinking perhaps I had set it down somewhere. I could not find it anywhere. It was puzzling because I was pretty certain I had replaced it in the box after using it. I’ve been keeping some of my Vodou books within easy reach of my computer for use when writing this blog.

So I sat down this evening to play a computer game. Glancing over at the box I see, in large capital letters: MAMA LOLA.


Someone is playing tricks on me, and I’m pretty sure it’s not my girlfriend. She never plays jokes like that; it’s not her style. When I asked her if she had found and replaced the book, she looked confused.

I find this whole thing humorous, but am not sure what it means.


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