Recent discoveries

Ever since I attended my first fet back in November, I’ve had part of one of the songs stuck in my mind. I heard those two verses again at last month’s Rada fet during the Damballah segment, and wanted to know what the song was about. However, since I don’t understand Haitian Creole, it was difficult for me to identify the lyrics to even ask the mambo about them.

Then recently I ran across the following passage in Karen McCarthy Brown’s book, Mama Lola:

Zo li mache, li mache, li mache. . . Kouran li mache, li mache, li mache. . .

I recognized the song immediately and was pleased that McCarthy also provided a translation:

The bone, it walks, it walks. How it walks, it walks.

She goes on to explain that if the translation is accurate, it can be viewed as a comment on the life energy that persists in the bones of the ancestors.

I hope to some day learn some Haitian Creole. Mambo C says that a lot of information about the lwa is provided in their songs.

At last month’s  fet I was able to purchase a white head scarf from Mambo C. In Vodou, head scarves are worn to keep out negative energies while allowing good energies (such as contact with the lwa) through.

Recently I wore it while making offerings to the lwa, meditating, and doing a tarot reading for myself. When I sense energy, it often feels like a magnetic force to me. Well, during that session with the lwa, I could feel a noticeable magnetic force around my head. I wore it again yesterday while feeding them, and found that I felt calmer and more focused.


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