Small updates and a teaser of things to come

I’ve been feeling pretty happy for the past several days.

It had been a while since I’d heard from Mambo C; several weeks in fact. I started worrying that I had unwittingly said something to put her off, although I was not sure what that would be. She finally emailed me near the beginning of March. As it turned out, she was simply very behind on emails. She also offered her thoughts on the spirit that my friend Angel saw (see post “Confusion, divination and signs“). This spirit had a staff or long object made of smooth black stone or metal and a mask with an animal feel to it. Half skeletal remains lay on the ground by its feet. Mambo C felt this might be a powerful ancestral spirit. The appearance of this spirit is also similar to Simhavaktra, the lion-faced Dakini of India. Note the skull adornments and the human body under her feet. I would love to get a Dakini figure for my future ancestor shrine, but the ones I’ve seen online are not cheap. Who knows, I may end up making my own at some point.

Mambo C also invited me to another fet this coming Saturday (which is the same day as Marie’s funeral, so it should be a really interesting day) in honor of the Rada lwa,  particularly Damballah, Ayida Wedo and Papa Loko. My second fet! I’m so excited. Adding to the excitement is the fact that my good friend Slinky is going with me. Some of you might remember the lovely spirit box that I have sitting on Papa Legba’s shrine. Well, it was Slinky who made it and gave it to me on All Saint’s Day (she was previously referred to as “L”). I am really  looking forward to hearing the Vodou drumming again. It’s powerful stuff.

Finally, the statue I purchased for Papa Legba arrived today. It’s a Kwanza statue of an African man who represents the seven African powers. I promise to post a picture of him soon, probably after I present it to Legba and place it in his shrine.


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