Crossing over

So we received word yesterday that Marie has finally crossed over. I feel a little sad, but mostly relieved. She’s actually been gone for a while and only had the flimsiest of grasp on life because of life support. I feel relieved that her spirit is free.

I’ve had minor stomach problems for the last couple of days, very similar to the type I experienced during Puck’s last days.

Marie had been in a coma for the past ten days. She hadn’t opened her eyes since the evening of my girlfriend’s birthday, and she finally crossed over on my birthday. Which I find interesting.


6 Responses to “Crossing over”

  1. My condolences. I understand she was a vibrant and dear part of your life.

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    We actually weren’t close, but when she became ill we began to see deeper parts of each other. I wish we had seen that sooner, but people often put things off until they run out of time. I suspect she will be around in spirit form for a bit though, and I plan to add her to my ancestor shrine in the near future.

  3. Sounds like you were drawn together at the right time. I found this today and thought you might like it too… The Last Supper created out of spider webs.

    hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Oh speaking of ancester shrines, was packing up some stuff from the old junk room and found my granny’s small brass whale. A paper weight. I put it somewhere safe for when I get a chance to set up my shrine to Ezili! Perfect!

  5. cheshirecatman Says:

    Art with webs is pretty amazing! The brass whale sounds interesting and is great since it’s also personal. Is it for Ezili rather than La Sirene? Although I understand that some people consider La Sirene to be a manifestation of Ezili.

  6. cheshirecatman Says:

    And here I answer my own question: In Karen McCarthy Brown’s book, Mama Lola, she writes: “Several female spirits belong to the group called the Ezili. The three most important are Lasyrenn, the mermaid who links ancient African senses of woman power and water power; Ezili Danto, the hardworking, solitary, sometimes raging mother; and Ezili Freda, the sensual and elegant, flirtatious and frustrated one.”

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