Energy out

On Wednesday my girlfriend Anne and I went to the hospital again to visit Marie, who is very ill with leukemia. It was hard to see this once vibrant woman in such a fragile state, slipping in and out of consciousness. She is lingering between worlds.

While Anne sat by Marie’s bedside, gently feeding her ice chips, I asked one of my spirit guides to help me channel Zimbate healing energy to Marie, for her to use in whichever way her spirit sees fit–either to heal her body or to cross over. As the energy flowed, my hands tingled.

Our visit was brief; afterward we went out for dinner. We were home by 8:00, and I felt exhausted. I went to bed early (10:30, which is early for me).

The following morning I overslept and was an hour late for work, in spite of the fact that I got more sleep than usual and have three alarms set to wake me. While I am pleased that the energy flowed so well, I realize that I need to find effective ways to recharge. Fortunately, I have several friends who are experienced energy workers that I can go to for advice.


One Response to “Energy out”

  1. that is a wonderful gift you gave Marie.

    and yes, after giving energy i tend to sleep like a log, and longer than usual, while i usually have relatively light sleep. it is one of the side-effects i rather enjoy.

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