Confusion, divination and signs

Recently I was feeling pretty comfortable with the idea that Agwe might be my met tet. However, I have a tendency to overthink things and, true to form, I’ve managed to confuse myself again. At this time there are at least three lwa that I think could be the master of my head.

One lwa that appeared to me twice is definitely associated with water. This could be Agwe, as his color is the blue of the sea. Or this could be Ogoun Balindjo, who is also associated with water (he is thought to be a crew member of Agwe’s ship Immamou).  Ogoun’s colors are blue and red, like the Haitian flag. The Witch/artist who is creating an Ogoun spirit doll for me received the impression that the colors for his doll should be a lighter blue (turquoise) with red accents. If you remember, Ogoun did appear in the reading Mambo C gave me, whereas Agwe did not, although he could be implicated by the presence of so many of his known associates (Ogoun, La Sirene and Erzulie). So to sum it up, I’ve been going back and forth in my mind: Agwe or Ogoun?

Last week I did a tarot reading for myself with that question in mind. When I turned over the ninth card and saw the Page of Bolers, I noticed how much he resembled the lwa who appears to me (just imagine him slightly thinner with shorter hair and black swimming trunks).

I felt excitement when I saw this card and wondered if it represented Agwe. And then I turned over the tenth card and got the Knight of Koshes who, with his red pants and torches, would obviously seem to represent Ogoun. Then the confusion set in again.

I was thinking about them both while riding the bus through downtown Seattle on Friday afternoon. As I gazed out the window at the mirrored glass of a nearby building, I wished that I could see the identity of my met tet in a vision. A moment later, the reflection of a man in a blue-green jacket appeared in the glass. Seeing the watery color of his jacket, I thought about Agwe. And then a woman’s reflection appeared. She was wearing a bright red jacket, which made me think about Ogoun. At that point, I had to laugh at myself. I wonder if the lwa feel that they give me more than enough clues and that I am their rather slow child.

To further confuse things, my medium friend Angel was kind enough to see if she could sense which lwa it might be. She received an impression of a lwa with a staff or long object made of smooth black stone or metal and a mask with an animal feel to it. Half skeletal remains lay on the ground by his feet. Now this does not really sound like Agwe, but could be Ogoun. Another possibility is Agassou, the half man, half panther lwa.

Seeing as my overthinking is not helpng me much, I once again must step back and wait. To quote Tom Petty, “The waiting is the hardest part.”


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