Gifts to and from Erzulie

Every year, on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, my girlfriend Anne and I go to her mother’s house for dinner. At least two family members are shutter bugs and dozens of photos are shot throughout the evening. Within the next day or two, I get to view pictures in which I look horrible. Now, I do not consider myself an ugly person at all, but in photos I tend to appear tired (eyes half or fully closed), bloated or my skin looks blotchy. I look like someone who just stumbled out of rehab. Even my girlfriend will agree that I usually do not photograph well. Maybe one in ten photos will be decent, if I’m lucky.

So on Christmas Day this year, I was sent a link to Anne’s uncle’s photo page and….just about died from shock. In ALL of the photos I looked alert, healthy and decent. This has never happened before.

So, if you want to be photogenic, make an offering to Erzulie! I’m not joking….I purchased a beautiful spirit doll for her shrine just hours before we went to the dinner. I was not expecting any benefit other than making her happy, but apparently the lady is very generous when she is pleased.


3 Responses to “Gifts to and from Erzulie”

  1. Perhaps now there will be some lovely pictures of you on Facebook.

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    Ha, we’ll see. I’m still not a fan of posting pics of myself online.

  3. Nifteh 🙂

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