Divination, dolls and symbols

Today I bought a very fancy doll for Erzulie’s shrine from an artist I admire (see her work at Studio Nocturna). Upon asking for Erzulie’s thoughts, I drew one Cartouche card from the deck. Interestingly, the card was No. 5, Thoth. I guess I should not have expected a simple yes or no (chuckles), but this card seems significant because it shows the Caduceus, the symbol of healing and the medical field. I have a friend who was just diagnosed with acute leukemia, and this card seems to suggest that Erzulie is willing to assist her. I plan to commission the artist to create an Ogoun doll for me, as I am having trouble finding a doll or statue that I like for his shrine.

Last week I was seeking input on another Vodou-related purchase and drew card. No. 21, the Sphinx, which made me reflect back upon the dream I had about the winged woman in the tree. (I’m still unsure about the meaning of the dream.)

It’s funny how certain symbols repeatedly surface in our lives at certain times.


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