Assembling the pieces: The falling mirror, the tarot and the lwa


Last month I mentioned that I came home from work to find La Sirene’s mirror had fallen onto the cats’ water dish, leaving the dish shattered but the mirror unscratched. Over the last few days, I’ve been wondering if I’ve been trying too hard to find meaning in that incident. Initially, I’d thought that either La Sirene or one of the other lwa whose shrine shares that shelf was displeased with me. Now I’m thinking that maybe I should look at things with a more literal eye.

The mirror, which has a mermaid relief molded into it (her tail forms the handle), tumbled off the shelf into the cats’ water dish. Is it possible that  she was simply trying to request I place some water in her shrine?

A rather simplistic interpretation, but possibly the right one. I am notorious for trying to read too much into things. My friend Angel had suggested I place ocean imagery on the mirror, which is another idea. Or possibly this idea is a variation on the same theme. On that note…*gets up to fill a small glass with salt water for the shrine*


I’ve  been thinking about Agwe a lot lately, and wondering if he is the one who appeared in my canyon dream and beach vision. I’d initially assumed it was Legba because of the dogs that accompanied him, but the dream figure did not resemble Legba at all physically (Legba is an old man, this man was a youngish man, physically fit, with brown skin and short black hair).

A description of Agwe from the Gade Nou Leve Society page:

Agwe is visualized as a very attractive light-skinned mulatto man with green eyes. His wives include the mermaid LaSirene and the coquettish Ezili Freda

Both the dream and the vision involved water. I think I may try Houngan D’s advice soon, and meditate on Agwe’s shrine before going to sleep, and then record my dreams.


I did a Celtic cross tarot reading for myself last Friday to see if I could identify my own met tet. I don’t think I was successful, but still had an interesting reading with the Buckland deck. Cards and my interpretations are listed according to their position in the spread:

  • Significator: 6 of Chivs (knives or swords). I am at a stalemate. I want to move ahead, but past problems need to be dealt with.
  1. Forces around me: #2, the High Priestess. It’s the old woman with the pipe again, who seems to correspond with a spirit that Angel saw near me. I am not sure if she is Brigitte or Erzulie in this particular reading, but her presence indicates that there is guidance at hand. I must be open and patient.
  2. Obstacles: #19, the Sun. This is a positive card, but because of its position in the spread, I think it indicates caution. Perhaps a reminder that spiritual release is at hand, but to proceed carefully since I am dealing with forces that I do not fully understand.
  3. Ideals/goals: 7 of Chivs. To be confident in myself, I must be willing to take risks. The rewards are great, but some loss may occur.
  4. The basic self, deep thought/feelings: #18, the Moon. I have some psychic potential, but struggle with barriers.
  5. The past: #8, Strength. This card was reversed, and while I don’t always think reversal is important, in this case I found that the reversed characteristics of the card accurately described my mistakes of the past: weakness, lack of faith, tyranny, domination of the material, failure.
  6. Immediate future: 3 of Koshes (wands). My goals are in sight but not yet attainable. But the tools I need are at hand.
  7. The querent’s self: #17, the Star. A desire for introspection and self-analysis. Work to overcome spiritual barriers–help from the spirits is at hand.
  8. Close friends/family: 8 of Bolers (coins). Possibly indicates the presence of skilled but busy teachers or mentors. Pursue them as needed.
  9. Hopes and fears. #12, the Hanged Man. I am afraid of being “tied up” by the past or by limitations beyond my control. Possibly indicates frustration at my living situation (I live in a very tiny apt.).
  10. Final outcome: 10 of Chivs. The imagery of this card can be alarming at first because of the knives and the blood:

The death is not literal, however. For me, I think it indicates the death of one way of thinking or one self-image–a death that will enable me to move on. Also perhaps letting go of faces and events of the past. Or the balancing of energies through the pain of letting go and patience. The watchfulness of the bobby (or police constable) indicates that it is all right to remember the past, but in a more detached way. This will likely be difficult for me, as I tend to obsess over past mistakes.

My friend Angel had suggested I place ocean imagery on the mirror, which is another idea. Or possibly this idea is a variation on the same theme.

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