Fet Gede followup

I mentioned in my last post that I’d experienced pain during the Fet Gede. After dancing for about 40-60 minutes, both of my arms (from the elbows to the wrists) began to ache. I found this odd, as I thought it would be my legs that would be tired. During a short break, I had some water and went outside to cool off. The aching subsided, and I went back to dancing.

During the final hour of the celebration, my arms began aching again, much more severely than before. I kept dancing anyway, and still had some residual pain the following Monday, along with a disjointed feeling that reminded me of the time that I received a weird massage where the guy kept poking me with his elbow. Other than that, I felt fine until just after dinner on Monday, when I experienced an intense stomach ache followed by a nasty bout of vomiting. Afterward, I recovered quickly and felt almost normal.

My first thought was that I picked up either the flu or food poisoning at the Fet Gede.  However, the achiness was limited to my arms, I had no other flu symptoms other than the vomiting, and I consumed nothing at the Fet Gede except for some bottled water. These facts cast some doubt on those theories. I also thought it possible that the symptoms were related to the amount of energy raised at the Fet. I do not usually consider myself as highly energy sensitive, but I have been working to develop more sensitivity and, during the nearly two years since Puck crossed over, have received both Zimbate and Reiki attunements.

I asked some of my energy worker friends for their opinions. My friend Angel was kind enough to scan me and found a tear in my aura in the solar plexus area, which would be near the stomach. (Last time I spoke with my animal communicator friend Tracy, she also commented that I’d had an opening of some sort.) Angel said that the tear could be caused by an attempted link on the part of an astral entity or a psychic attack. The more likely explanation, she added, was that I built up a bunch of energy at the Fet and did not release it, either due to blockage or lack of experience in energy work. And so the forced release caused the tear. When I asked Angel if the build up of energy could make someone physically sick, she said that indeed it could, as it can bring on detoxing, open up the chakras and create an imbalance.

The following Sunday I visited Mambo C’s home and had a chance to talk with her and the houngan who was at the Fet (whom I’ll refer to as Houngan D). The mambo said it was possible that I am energy sensitive (which I don’t consider myself to be, although I have experienced physical discomfort near high volumes of electricity, but I have no idea if that’s normal for most people or not). Houngan D said that having a physical reaction could actually be a good thing, as sometimes it indicates that the lwa are nearby. The mambo, who also practices ceremonial magick, told me that she became violently ill the first time she worked with one particular goddess. She experienced illness two more times while working with that goddess, but by the third time, the symptoms were very mild and then later disappeared completely.

Although I did not enjoy being sick, the experience leaves me little doubt about the presence of unseen energies. In closing, I want to say that I hope this does not discourage anyone from exploring Vodou or energy work. Vodou is not in itself harmful, any more than electricity is intentionally harmful. But if you handle live wires without proper knowledge and protection, you could get a nasty shock.

Pain at the Fed Gede

2 Responses to “Fet Gede followup”

  1. I found your blog on Google. I’ve bookmarked it and will watch out for your next blog post.

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    Thanks! It’s always wonderful to know I have regular readers. I will have to check out your site as well. I still have much to learn about Reiki 🙂

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