Ask and you shall receive

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I was pretty depressed on Sunday. This is the second year in a row that I sold nothing at that particular fantasy convention, and it’s discouraging.

Before I went to bed, I expressed my disappointment to Legba and La Sirene, not so much asking them for anything specific, but letting them know that I need their assistance to figure out what I should do differently. That’s when I slept and dreamt about the spiders and got part of my answer. Although, in the back of my mind,  I kind of knew I should give 2-D art another try, the dream helped me to re-examine the possibility with a fresh eye. I am actually looking forward to buying a new sketchpad.

I would have been content enough with this new direction, but it appears the lwa can be generous when they want to be. Today I called my friend, the owner of Gargoyles Statuary, and she told me that a woman had come in and purchased five of my sculptures! Yup, five at once. That is a record for me! This made my dismal convention experience seem inconsequential.

I feel that the lwas, particularly La Sirene who is known to help artists, had a hand in this. I plan to buy her something nice, maybe when I go to Gargoyles on Thursday. I might look for a nice pipe for Legba.


One Response to “Ask and you shall receive”

  1. This is wonderful! I loved reading your post. I also have a thing for spiders – (And La Sirene) – especially their webs. Sacred geometry in silky steel. Congrats on your sales and best wishes for your future artistic endeavors.

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