Stumbling around in the dark

I did a longer reading with the Cartouche cards yesterday, a 12-card horoscope spread. It was bascially a good reading with no inverted cards; the gist of it was that I am proceeding along at a reasonable pace. I’m wondering if the fact that this deck only has 25 cards in total makes the readings kind of limiting? Although if I was using my rune set, then there would be even fewer possible combinations. Or maybe it’s just my restless nature wanting to jump into other things again. I’m wondering if I should give the tarot another try. Either that, or buy the actual book on the Cartouche cards so that I can presumably have information on other layouts. Perhaps for now, I’ll give my tarot deck another try, and continue experimenting with the Cartouche as well.


The tarot deck I have is Raymond Buckland’s Romani tarot, which I haven’t used much. For a while I was collecting decks, but then I sold most of them on eBay since I never used them. The Buckland deck was a gift from a good friend, and I kept it because I like the artwork and have always had a sort of affinity for the Roma. Maybe because my mother’s people were also nomadic at one time. Anyway, we’ll see how this deck works out for me.

Also yesterday I received a reply from a local mambo I e-mailed last week. Since I have not yet met her and do not know how she would feel about being mentioned in a blog, I will simply call her Mambo C. Her response was warm and she took the time to look at my website and compliment my art. It turns out she is an artist as well, and a very talented one. She is on vacation at the moment, but it looks like we will be meeting for coffee in a few weeks.

Having a teacher or mentor right now would be wonderful, even though it’s way sooner than planned. But the timing may actually be good, because lately I feel like I am stumbling around in the dark.


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