Watery musings

I’ve been trying to wait and be patient about approaching the other lwas, but it’s difficult in the case of La Sirene. I cannot seem to resist buying stuff for her.

While surfing around on eBay late one night last week, I decided to see what types of mermaid statues were available. I’ve done this before simply because I like mermaid art, and on this night there were quite a few nice statues that were affordable. I fell in love with one of them, a statue that is meant to sit on top of an old (non-flatscreen) computer monitor. She was brunette with a pleasant face that seemed to remind me of someone I know (I’m not exactly sure who). Her top and tail were the same blue green as the water in my recent dream (see August post “Dogs and dreams of water”). She was not expensive, so I ended up buying her.

When she arrived this week, I was very pleased with her. The auction listed her as 4.5″ tall which was a bit small, but she is actually closer to 8″ tall, which is perfect. When I removed her out of the box, I found it interesting that the pose of her left hand resembles a pose I’ve seen used by dancers from India. I’ve also seen a similar pose on statues of Hindu deities and Buddhas.  The thumb and index finger tips are touching; the other fingers are fairly straight but relaxed. I’ve been attempting to find out what this hand position means.

One holistic healing site describes this position as a mudra, or a position of the body that has some kind of influence on the energies of the body or your mood:

The Gyan mudra represents the starting place or home. It takes you back to your roots, or a simpler time. Clears the mental facilities.

(Source: http://healing.about.com/od/east/ig/Mudra-Gallery/Gyan.htm)

Another site descibes it similarly:

Emotional / spiritual use

Stimulates the Root chakra, and grounds.
Calms and improves concentration.

(Source: http://www.eclecticenergies.com/mudras/mudra.php?num=1 )

While this doesn’t relate specifically to La Sirene herself, it’s an interesting aspect of the statue. Looking at her, I realized she would need something to sit on. Ideally, a box of some sort that her offerings could be kept in.

So last Friday when I stopped by my friend Gayle’s shop in the U-District (Gargoyle’s Statuary, one of my favorite places), I thought I would take a look around to see what type of boxes were there. I had a hard time finding a box that was large enough and did not have some type of inappropriate imagery or color. Finally, Gayle pulled out a box that I hadn’t even noticed. On its lid was an image of a lovely redheaded woman or goddess, and it was tall enough that the mermaid statue could balance atop it well. I purchase it, along with two blue candles.

On Saturday my girlfriend and I went up to Capitol Hill, had dinner and went shopping afterward. At an Indian store I found a nice turquoise sarong that would work well for an altar cloth.

I think it’s easy to get carried away with sirens. Seriously.

A funny side note: I also found out this week that La Sirene’s number is 7, which has been my favorite number since maybe 7th or 8th grade or earlier. I even made a piece of jewelry shaped like the number 7 years ago. Granted, I haven’t thought about having a favorite number for years, but I still like the number for some reason. Maybe just the way it looks–simple and streamlined.

I also had a brief impression/vision while resting Friday evening. A young dark-haired man (he looked very much like the same man in the canyon/lakes dream) is sitting beside me on a beach. We are facing the water.


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