Thoughts on left and right brain processing

I used to fancy myself a writer at one time, although I never completed more than a few publishable short stories and poems. Most of what I wrote was unpublishable fan fiction. That being said, an aptitude for writing wasn’t all in my imagination either, as I have, on occasion, been a paid writer (but not of the creative variety).

Throughout college, I flitted back and forth between art and literature/writing classes. This is symbolic of how my brain is structured. Various tests have indicated that I use both sides of my brain pretty equally.

What I’ve been pondering about is that, during the periods of my life when I focused mainly on writing, I had a great deal of trouble listening to spirits. During meditation, my inner voice would not shut up. Ever. When I began devoting a lot of time to sculpting, I found that this inner voice quieted down a lot. It became easier to hear voices, see visions and be blank during meditation.

I like to think I am in the process of reprogramming my brain. I read somewhere, I believe it was in David Morehouse’s book, “Psychic Warrior,” that it’s the right side of the brain that is accessed during psychic phenomena. This side of the brain was described in the book as an older, more primitive part, and it has trouble with left-brained tasks such as reading. I remember doing personal experiments after reading that. I sometimes have lucid dreams, and on a couple of occasions have tried to read in those dreams: books, signs, sides of trucks, etc. If I focus really hard, I can sometimes get a few letters, maybe even an entire word, but it’s very difficult.

So I’ve been wondering if, through sculpting and giving the right side of my brain a lot of exercise, if the so-called “primitive” part of my brain is more stimulated, thus making it easier for me to hear and see messages from the spirit realm.

Just some thoughts I’ve been kicking around over the past year.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on left and right brain processing”

  1. Interesting point. I had a dream once where I was trying to explore a cursed attic and a girl was holding up a newspaper for me to read. Couldn’t read the words at all, but the numbers were very clear. Is recognizing numbers the same thing?

  2. cheshirecatman Says:

    I’m not sure. I was looking through the Morehouse book earlier trying to find the passage that discusses this, but couldn’t find it.

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