Getting started, and fun on eBay

I’ve been really enjoying reading Kenaz Filan’s “The Haitian Vodou Handbook.” Of the books I’ve read so far, I’ve found this one to be the most helpful regarding the practical aspects of serving the lwa. I feel ready to approach Legba soon, and want to set up a small altar area for him.

I was searching everywhere online for some type of representation of him that resonates for me (and hopefully for him as well). After searching through my entire personal library of bookmarked occult and Vodou shops, I ended up on eBay and was considering a bright red and black doll made of clay, fabric and wood. I liked its brightness and the folk-art look of it, but wasn’t sure if I would like it once I saw it in person (the photo is a little fuzzy). So I took a break from eBay for a while. Then I came back and ran another search, and found an image of him on a card that I really liked.

It turns out the card is from the game VTES (Vampires the Eternal Struggle). I found this highly ironic for a number of reasons. I have never played any customizable card games or role-playing games (live or otherwise). However, the artwork on the card is nice. I also found a nice metal frame at Goodwill to put it in when it arrives.


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