Looking Back Part 3: Lightning strikes twice–almost

Thursday, December 18 (birthday of Keith Richards and Bratt Pitt, no less), is a day that I will remember for a while.

I awoke around 4:50am to an odd background hum, which I assumed to be rain.

I left the house as normal, with the intent of walking my usual route from my home in Beacon Hill to King Street Station in the International District of Seattle. When I stepped outside, I was surprised to see that it was snowing, because I had heard what I thought to be rain. It turns out that what I had heard was hail. I could feel it pelting me as I walked up the driveway.

I trudged and slid my way through a snow-covered park lit by secondary light from the street and nearby homes. As I began walking along the 12th Avenue South bridge over I-90, I heard a small bang and a shower of sparks cascaded down over my head, illuminating the street and sidewalk around me. I was mildly startled, but realized that one of the electrical buses must be nearby (it’s not unusual to see sparks fly from the area where their poles connect to the power cables overhead). Just as I was thinking that the bus must be moving really really slow since I hadn’t seen it pass me yet, a deafening peal of thunder sounded closeby overhead.

“Holy crap, that was lightning!” I thought, realizing that I should hurry and get off the bridge which, with the exception of the bus cables and street lamps, was way too open. Still calm but a little concerned, I hurried to get to the other side of the bridge. Once I was next to the leather shop I calmed down and slowed my pace.

Then it happened again–sparks showering down from overhead, the night sky flashing bright blue and another deafening peal of thunder.

At that point, I decided that I would not try my luck a third time and made my way across Jackson Street to the shelter to wait for any passing bus heading toward downtown. Ironically, I did not see any more lightning or hear any more thunder during the rest of the time I was downtown (my train departs King Street Station at 6:10am).

While I was on the Number 36 bus, it pulled over and a Metro employee who had been riding the bus got off to check the fuses. Some of the passengers mentioned they thought they might have been struck by the lightning up on Beacon Hill.

Ironically, this coincides with my completion of the book “The Mark of Voodoo” by Sharon Caulder, documenting her experiences among the Fon people of Africa. One of the deities discussed heavily in the book is Hervioso who is, among other things, a deity of thunder and lightning.

Any connection? Possibly. I’ve found in life that syncronicity can exist for a reason. That will require some thought on my part.


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